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I write historical romance and speculate about writing speculative fiction.

When not writing I do stay-at-home-mum stuff and paint the picket fence. My vices include reading fascinating web articles about personal productivity (the more flow charts the better), and scoffing Arnott’s Chocolate Coated Teddy Bear Biscuits. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my smarty-pants 5yo daughter and with my lovely, supportive, emotionally intelligent partner.

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DIY Laptop Stand / Laptop Riser

Got laptop. Love hacks. Setting up my home workspace for my new-found the-four-year-old-is-at-kinda time :)

My starting point is my 11inch Macbook Air. I heart everything about it except for the crick I get in my neck after long periods of typing. Time for a makeover…


1) Take two egg cartons.

Laptop Stand Hack - 12) Chop off the lids and stick the bases together with masking tape.

Laptop Stand Hack 23)  Invert on desk.

Ta-da! Laptop riser /stand with good inbuilt ventilation, channels to keep keyboard cable tidy, and at perfect height for a short person.

Time to hack: about a minute.

Cost: about 10cm worth of masking tape

Satisfaction: 100%

OK. Back to work…

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