I’ve lived in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs (Melbourne, Australia) for over 25 years.  In a former life I did things like manage law libraries, maintain a ceramic art practice, study art curatorship part-time, feed an intense novel-reading habit, cycle everywhere, and dance Argentine tango three to four nights a week. Then I had a baby. Now most of my time is devoted to keeping one step ahead of the-pre-schooler-who-never-sleeps – and writing historical romance!

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DIY Laptop Stand / Laptop Riser

Got laptop. Love hacks. Setting up my home workspace for my new-found the-four-year-old-is-at-kinda time :)

My starting point is my 11inch Macbook Air. I heart everything about it except for the crick I get in my neck after long periods of typing. Time for a makeover…


1) Take two egg cartons.

Laptop Stand Hack - 12) Chop off the lids and stick the bases together with masking tape.

Laptop Stand Hack 23)  Invert on desk.

Ta-da! Laptop riser /stand with good inbuilt ventilation, channels to keep keyboard cable tidy, and at perfect height for a short person.

Time to hack: about a minute.

Cost: about 10cm worth of masking tape

Satisfaction: 100%

OK. Back to work…

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